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On Elevating a Grateful Intonation

Maquette for "Lotus", 2015, Andrew Ramiro Tirado

Originally posted 12-27-15 One afternoon a few days ago I called my wife from the studio, where I was creating art, and told her I love her. Unfortunately, it's a very rare occurrence, my doing so. A scarcity I need to change. 

I went on to thank her for making it easy for me to work on art. For me, if things were difficult at home, I'd have a hard time enjoying creating things in the studio. For me, peace at home creates the environment that allows me to create; disharmony stops the flow. 

It's rare that I feel unable to work on art.

The next day, again in the studio and again feeling grateful, I texted or emailed all my kids and told them the same thing. And again, that's not like me. It's untypical, but I'm hoping to disprove what they say about old dogs. And really, it doesn't take much effort.  
It takes a village, it's been said, to raise a child. For my immediate family and our five children, i…

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