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Box Truck Art

Scale is a topic that tends to come to the fore when people who've seen progress pics (@artstudiobuild on Instagram) online come to view my w.i.p. art studio in person, like artist and friend Dan Romano did yesterday, assisting me in installing some heavy I-beams.

As well as the art I hope the increased height and square footage allows me to be able to create within the new space.
When I resumed making art in 2012 after a 23-year sabbatical of sorts, it was nearly universal: if not the first question, the second one I would be asked by those who viewed my sculptures in progress in person was, "Um... so where are these going to go?" 
It was evidently assumed that I must have an intended home in mind for them, and I'm sure the work's large scale was the basis for that.
For a number of months, when asked where the work was expected to go, I answered with a shrug of the shoulders and an "I'm not sure." 
It felt a bit like informing people that Nan and I have…

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