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In a New York Split-Second

In August of 1989, after approximately three hop-scotching years of college in San Diego, Colorado Springs, Chicago, and back to Colorado Springs, I was handed the amazing opportunity of working as an artist's assistant in New York. During my time there, I contributed in a behind the scenes capacity with work that was exhibited at Pace Gallery, Pace MacGill, and the Museum of Modern Art - even contributing some work of my own that was exhibited in the latter venue.

Brief as it was, the year and a half I lived in the city was filled to the brim with other noteworthy highlights, and yet there was one moment in particular, early on, when it all might've ended rather suddenly and tragically.

During the first few months of living in Manhattan, I resided in another well-known artist's loft on Prince Street in SoHo, just a couple blocks from the studio where I worked.

Now, the building on Prince, then and now, has seven floors, and I lived way up on the seventh, usually accessing…

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