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On the Rebirth of an Untended Fire

It's 3:44 am, January 22, 2020, and I'm nearly finished with my mug of starter fluid. Faithful Ruby, our dog, attends me, snuggled up in the chair Nan will occupy in a few hours.
Why am I up? It's a bit early, or, for some of you night owls, a bit late.
For the uninitiated, it's not insomnia. Most of my life, I've nearly never had difficulty going to sleep or remaining asleep for eight or nine hours. However, starting in my early thirties, precisely during the first exciting project I took on as a custom props builder, and often similarly when in the midst of an engaging, creative project ever since, I experience a much curtailed sleeping pattern for weeks, if not months.
I don't use a Fitbit these days, but back when I did, I noted the sleeping pattern it recorded for a few weeks.

I've been in a similar period, more or less, for a few months now, probably (surface level) again because I have a number of creative projects in the works. 

Far as I can tell, I'…

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