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We're getting rather close to the time of year when it feels like all non-holiday-related commerce goes into some semblance of hibernation. In just over a month, there'll be a perceptible relaxation, if not a pause - unless you're, say, a UPS driver or a United Airlines pilot, one hopes - in anything work-related while the country's collective attention turns homeward.

Or, I hope, if you're working on my new art studio. Because my deep wish is that, come early December, I'll be able to back my flatbed trailer up (and into!) the space and unload my table saw, band saw, jointer, welder, etc. I've things to make and work to deliver. I'll be able to plug them into wall outlets, turn them on, and hear their motors start up.

The lights overhead won't dim, like they would, at times, in my old studio.

If I feel the need, I can visit the lavatory at the end of the building, then wash up in the slop sink.

Outside, it might be snowing. Inside, the quiet and ef…

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