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The Smallest Solo Show at MoMA Ever?

Thirty years ago I was 20, living in Manhattan and working as a studio assistant for the painter and photographer Chuck Close.

During that period of time, Chuck was asked and accepted the task of curating the third in a continuing series of "Artist's Choice" shows from the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection - the first was curated by Scott Burton, and the second by Ellsworth Kelly - and as I recall, Chuck and I spent nearly a month taking the elevator from the lobby up to MoMA's various departmental offices and pouring over bound ring binders with laminated black and white images of amazing artwork in the museum's collection. Very quickly Chuck settled on portraiture for the show's overarching theme - it was while I was working for him, I believe, that he somewhat softened his conceptual stance regarding his own work, which is nearly always an image of a specific person's face - usually a friend or family member - and started allowing it to be…

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