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Time Crunch

If I could trap time in a bottle, I might. I've known for a long, long time how time itself compresses when one is working on a project such as the one I find myself finishing, as I stare into the teeth of a much larger, rapidly approaching one. I've known how what looks from the outset of a project like ample time often morphs; slips away like a rug pulled out from under you, leaving you, momentarily hovering in mid air - but just momentarily, knowing what comes next. It's at that point that you hear Ian McKellen's Gandalf voice and stern look admonishing you to, "Run, you fool!"

When I made the jump from custom, client-driven, marketing-related work to more self-directed art in 2012, I assumed that the days of watching the clock were over, and good riddance. From now on, I figured, I'd simply sail into the sunset, free of client-based deadlines, free to leisurely explore hitherto undiscovered lands in my art, sans the pressure to perform on a schedule. W…

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