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Angela Eastman: A Method of Traveling

An interactive sculpture presented at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco and at Rejuvenation in Portland in July, 2015, as part of the Renegade Craft Fair, the Traveling Queen is a whimsical piece designed to encourage playful interaction with the surrounding environment while providing a special place for an individual. Photo courtesy Angela Eastman
Full Of Here And There, 2016
Steel, aluminum mesh, paint, silk thread. Photo courtesy Angela Eastman In a recent hour-long interview with Ed Roberson, host of the Mountain and Prairie Podcast, I talked about the long and winding road of my creative path thus far, and employed a number of metaphors to try to explain a personal process that wasn't predetermined so much as discovered along the way. I call it "leaning on the door", meaning, in short, a posture, a frame of mind, an attitude that bespeaks an intention toward forward momentum in at least the general direction one hopes to go. Then, oftentimes for reasons you could nev…

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