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Thanks, Francis

Beneath today's unrestrained humor lies a dose of valuable information about the term "knolling". That Spell Check wants to turnknollingintoknellingtells me the word hasn't quite made it into common parlance, but I'm doing my levelheaded part to change that. Never mind the self-titled, esoteric, and awkward aphorism I'll try to unpack: density doesn't necessarily equate a Baconic propensity. Or, one that occurs to me this morning: Judliness is next to Godliness.
When I supervised a shop at the Colorado College, I found the knolling concept, explained below, one of the most effective ways to get my evening student shop monitors to grasp the way I wanted to find the space upon flicking on the lights each morning. A place for everything, and everything replaced. Oh, perhaps the time one of them lined up all the accumulated detritus, including three spent sunflower seed shells he'd found among my perpetual shipwreck of a workbench - do as I say, not as I d…

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